Here you can find members who work under our wiki's administrative, moderating and management positions. Should you find an issue be sure to contact one or more of the members from this list. If you are interested in one of the positions listed on this page please contact one of the Senior Admins. Keep in mind that most members listed above another position may also retain the rights of such (Bureacrats also have the powers of admins and moderators etc.)

Senior Administration/Bureaucrats

Senior Admins/Bureaucrats hold the highest power and order on the wiki, if a moderator or another admin is unable to resolve an issue be sure to contact these people:


Administrators are the second in command to the people listed above. Administrators are able to resolve most issues regarding the wiki and community:

Moderators (Content/Discussion)

Moderators handle small issues and fixes within the communities. Content Moderators focus on pages and content fixes, while Discussion Moderators focus on the forum boards and comments sections:

Moderators (Chat)

Chat Moderators monitor behavior on chat and can hand out chat bans and kicks if necessary: