Confused, or cant figure out what to do? Here are the answers to common questions that you may need answers to! Still can't find the answer you are lookong for? Talk to an admin or comment below.


  • I want to play Battleship Craft but it's nowhere on the store!

While the original game has been removed from the appstore, a similar vanilla version of BSC named Warship Craft is avaliable and updated frequently!

  • I come from another one of the Battleship Craft Wiki's, what can I expect?

Those of you from the BSC and BSCN wiki's should experience little difference from the original. After all its our project to unify all the content from previous wikis into one friendly informative location!

  • What will happen to the other BSC-Related Wiki's?

Nothing! While this wiki will contain ALL information from the other wiki's, legacy wiki's such as BSC and BSCN will remain exactly the same.

  • My page or edits have been reverted or deleted! Did I mess something up?

Maybe, our moderators and admins frequently check the content of pages and update them as needed. If you find a change reverted it may be because the content was out of date. If your page was deleted it probably didnt follow the page guidelines or was accidentally deleted. Contact an admin for possible fixes.

  • Im unable to make posts, edits or create new pages!

Check to see if your account was banned, bans are handed out if you decide to break the community rules or repeatedly post offensive or in-appropriate content. Otherwise it may be due to you not having a wikia account!

  • What's roleplay? How does it work?

Roleplay is a fun exciting way to socialize and engage with other community members, to get more information go to this guide!

  • I've done alot here and there, any way I can apply for an administrator position?

Admin, Moderator and Bureaucrat positions can be applied for, however the current administration usually selects people for positions themselves.

  • I'm being harrased and treated un-fairly, who do I go to?

Contact a moderator or admin, make sure to gather screenshots and evidence so they can process your report and make a good decision.